This command adds reverberation to each selected Sound, by convolution with an impulse response file stored in a subfolder called "reverb".

You can use your own impulse files in WAV format by copying them into the "reverb" subfolder of the plugin. The list of available reverbs is updated when Praat starts up.

The resulting new Sound(s) will appear selected in the list of objects.

The following impulse responses used by this command correspond to the following files available at EMES Virtual Rooms (Free Impulse Files)

  • Ambience -> Ambience with Punch (103 kB)
  • Church -> Gothic Church (1.370 kB)
  • Hall -> Sparkling Hall (508 kB)
  • Room Big -> Bright Big Room (325 KB)
  • Room Medium -> Stonewall Room (154 kB)
  • Room Small -> One Wall in a Room (58 kB)
  • Stadium -> Arena South West (596 kB)
  • Studio -> Small Studio (133 kB)

You can find more information about these files in the following PDF, also available on the same website: Information about Free IR's

See the Sources page for a list of sites with free impulse responses.