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Here you can find a list of publications that may be relevant or useful to Praat users.

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Investigating Spoken English: A Practical Guide to Phonetics and Phonology Using Praat

by Štefan Beňuš
Combining coverage of the key concepts and tools within phonetics and phonology with a systematic introduction to Praat, this textbook provides a lively and engaging 'way in' to the discipline. Read more →

Unit 1 - Visualizing Sound (Hands‑on Phonetics: A Praat Workbook)

by Kenneth Konopka, Jenna Luque
The Hands-on Phonetics series is designed to serve as an introduction to both the field of acoustic phonetics and the acoustic analysis program Praat. Unit 1 begins with the basics of both Praat and acoustic phonetics. Read more →

Unit 2 - From waveforms to spectra (vowel formants) (Hands‑on Phonetics)

by Kenneth Konopka, Jenna Luque
The Hands-on Phonetics series is designed to serve as an introduction to both the field of acoustic phonetics and the acoustic analysis program Praat. Unit 2 builds on the acoustic basics from unit 1 and applies them to vowels. Read more →

Speech Spectrum Analysis (Signals and Communication Technology)

by Sean A. Fulop
With this book the author makes the subject of spectrum analysis understandable to a wide audience (…) At some points, the book refers to and uses the implementations in the Praat speech analysis software package. Read more →

Phonology in Perception (Phonology and Phonetics [PP] Book 15)

by Paul Boersma, Silke Hamann
The book consists of nine chapters dealing with the interaction of speech perception and phonology. Read more →

Segmental Structure and Tone (Linguistische Arbeiten Book 552)

by Wolfgang Kehrein, Björn Köhnlein, Paul Boersma, Marc Oostendorp
This volume seeks to reevaluate the nature of tone-segment interactions in phonology. Read more →

Functional Phonology

by Paul Boersma
In Functional Phonology, Paul Boersma develops a theory that seeks to explain and describe the data of the languages of the world from general capabilities of human motor behaviour and perception. Read more →

A Course in Phonetics

by Peter Ladefoged
Offering the most current coverage available, A COURSE IN PHONETICS, 7e remains the authoritative text for the study of phonetics. Read more →

Vowels and Consonants

by Peter Ladefoged
This popular and accessible introduction to phonetics has been fully updated for its third edition, and now includes an accompanying website with sound files, and expanded coverage of topics such as speech technology. Read more →

The Sounds of the World's Languages

by Peter Ladefoged
This book describes all the known ways in which the sounds of the world's languages differ. Encapsulating the work of two leading figures in the field, it will be a standard work of reference for researchers in phonetics, linguistics and speech science for many years to come. Read more →

Prosody and Iconicity (Iconicity in Language and Literature)

by Sylvie Hancil, Daniel Hirst
The contributions to this volume focus on the interrelation between prosody and iconicity and shed new light on the topic by enlarging the number of parameters traditionally considered, and by confronting various theoretical backgrounds. Read more →

Intonation Systems: A Survey of Twenty Languages

by Daniel Hirst, Albert Di Cristo
This is the first comprehensive study of the intonation of different languages of the world, written by a team of leading scholars in the field, most of whom are native speakers of the language in question. Read more →

Intonative Features: A Syntactic Approach to English Intonation (Janua Linguarum. Series Minor, 139)

by Daniel Hirst
This study is an attempt to deal with intonation, specifically the intonation of British English. Read more →

Musical Intelligence and Its Impact on English Pronunciation Skills in the Process of Second Language Acquisition

by Ewa Kusz
This book delves into the convergence between musical intelligence and L2 pronunciation skills (…) including the outcomes obtained from Wing's musical intelligence test and pronunciation test measured by three independent English native speakers and by Praat. Read more →

Data Science: New Issues, Challenges and Applications (Studies in Computational Intelligence Book 869)

by Gintautas Dzemyda, Jolita Bernatavičienė, Janusz Kacprzyk
This book contains 16 chapters by researchers working in various fields of data science. Chapter 11 (Improving Objective Speech Quality Indicators in Noise Conditions) aims at modifying speech signal samples and test them with objective speech quality indicators after mixing the original signals with noise or with an interfering signal. Read more →

The Acquisition of Chinese as a Second Language Pronunciation: Segments and Prosody (Prosody, Phonology and Phonetics)

by Chunsheng Yang
This book is the first edited book to cover a wide range of issues related to Chinese as a second language (CSL) speech, including tone and segment acquisition and processing, categorical perception of tones, CSL fluency, CSL intelligibility/comprehensibility and accentedness, and pronunciation pedagogy. Read more →

Manual de fonética acústica experimental: aplicações a dados do português

by Plinio A. Barbosa, Sandra Madureira
This Experimental Acoustic Phonetics Manual is designed for undergraduate and graduate students in different areas such as Phonology, Communications Engineering, Music, Acoustic Physics, Speech Therapy and Audiology among others. The book provides examples of practical applications using Praat software. Read more →