Vocal Toolkit is a free plugin for Praat with automated scripts for voice processing.Praat is an open-source program for the analysis of speech in phonetics, created by Paul Boersma and David Weenink of the University of Amsterdam.

First of all, I have to say that I'm not an expert in phonetics or linguistics. I am a programmer and an amateur sound engineer from Barcelona, Spain, and I developed these scripts as helpful tools for my daily work. Now I have decided to release them as a plugin, hoping they can be useful for someone else.

Update 2018-02-03:
Updated command "Text to Speech..." due to the changes introduced in version 6.0.36 of Praat.

Update 2017-04-22:
Added command "Extract vowels with TextGrid".

Update 2017-01-17:
Modified commands "Change formants..." and "Copy formants...".
Added option to choose between manual or automatic Maximum Formant value.

Update 2015-08-26: Three new commands has been added to the plugin:
This plugin adheres to the convention that commands that take arguments end in three dots (...). Also, all scripts leave the original Sound in the list and select the resulting new Sound at the end, just as all Praat's built-in filtering buttons do.

Commands are grouped into two added dropdown menus, Copy and Process, that will appear when one or more Sound objects are selected in the list of objects.

  • Copy: These commands work with two selected Sound objects. They are used to copy a specific characteristic of the first selected Sound object to the second selected Sound.

  • Process: These commands are used to process one or more selected Sound objects. In addition, there are three commands that are not used to process the selected Sound but have also been included: "Create waveform...", "Text to Speech..." and "Update EQ Presets list".
    For more details on each command, please see the corresponding links on the left menu of this site.

    This plugin is open source and can be used for any purpose.

    Please consider to make a donation to support my work and costs. Thank you!

    2012 Ramon Corretge